Art Reviews

Loving Vincent A creative animated feature exploring the mysterious death of Vincent …
Faces Places A playful and wonder-drenched documentary about an unusual creative co…
Eva Hesse A superb documentary on a gifted and eccentric female artist who hit h…
Brillo Box (3 ยข Off) A documentary memoir about the journey of one of Andy Warhol's pop art…
On the Wing An evergreen book of days with poetic observations and gorgeous illust…


Wrinkles in Time A photo exhibition honoring beautiful aging faces.
The Way of the Brush Learning to express the essence of something with a few swift and sure strokes.
Through the Lens - Ian Berry A photographer's reflections on catching a moment of history.
Anneke Kaai's Grace An abstract painting that reveals an awesome outpouring of grace.
Albrecht Dürer's The Great Piece of Turf An opportunity to sense the magnificence of life in a wayside clump of vegetation.

Our Philosophy

The arts, photography, and music express our spiritual yearnings. They call us to pay attention, give us experiences of beauty and reverence, and awaken our wonder. Much more than images and sounds, they are treasured companions on our spiritual journeys.

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