Book Reviews

The Splintering of the American Mind An treatise on how and why the cultural wars of the past are coming to campuses once again. Meaning
Walls An engrossing account of the influence of walls mixing history, military might, and impermanence. Questing
Selfies An in-depth exploration of the seemingly ubiquitous form of self-expression. You
What I Am Living For Life lessons from 20 spiritual teachers gleaned from Thomas Merton's many quests and personal explorations. Questing
The Unquiet Monk An immersion in the life and thought of a perpetual pilgrim. Questing
Why We Live in Community A faith-infused and grace-animated vision of community from a Christian perspective. Faith
The World-Ending Fire A fine collection of essays from the prolific farmer, philosopher, and author. Meaning
Tribe A thoughtful and provocative call to learn the meaning of community from indigenous peoples. Meaning
Letters to a Young Activist Wise advice to the coming generations of concerned citizens. Teachers
Desert A deft collection of short poems on the desert of the American West. Wonder
The Art of Mystery An elegant analysis of fiction and other art forms that probe mystery and stimulate our wonder and imagination. X-The Mystery
They Will Inherit the Earth Mapping a creative vision of nonviolence and environmental renewal. Peace
Howard Zinn Speaks A sturdy, radical, and thought-provoking collection of speeches. Justice
The Rich and the Rest of Us A challenge to change America's dialogue on race and justice to include concern for the poor. Justice
Asking for a Friend A lively look at 16 advice-givers as cultural shapers and morality makers. Questing
The Second Coming of the KKK Insightful analysis of the scary impact of the KKK in the 1920s and its enduring legacy. Shadow
Zen in the Age of Anxiety Insights, epiphanies, and good medicine for what ails us as individuals and as a society. Transformation
One Kiss or Two A cross-cultural exploration of the meaning and impact of greeting rituals. Kindness
Training in Tenderness An immensely appealing tribute to the spiritual practice of an open heart. Openness
More Together Than Alone A masterwork on community animated by visionary vigor, philosophical rigor, a cross-cultural purview, and a poetic sensibility. Unity
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