Book Reviews

Affluenza A dazzling and enlightening work of cultural criticism. Meaning
Single White Monk Astute and humorous observations of a Zen monk. You
Radical Spirit Living a full and a God-centered life. You
The Empathetic Civilization A wide-ranging and thought-provoking look at empathy as an essential survivor skill. Connections
Things That Join the Sea and the Sky Journal entries from one of our favorite spiritual teachers who encourages us to sail on a sea of possibilities. Joy
How We Talk A snappy and edifying look at the art of conversation. Connections
Who Reads Poetry Praise for the good medicine of poetry. Meaning
Silence An exploration of the riches of silence and the pleasures it can bring into your life. Silence
Buddha's Little Book of Life A robust and edifying collection of inspirational wisdom. Teachers
Happier? An astonishing work of cultural analysis on changes in the field of psychology. Joy
Hunter of Stories Galeano’s last book in which he encourages us to sing our souls back in sync with the Earth. Meaning
Where Are You Hiding, God? A child's introduction to panentheism through beautifully illustrated scenes of hide-and-seek. Faith
A History of the Church in 100 Objects An explanation of how objects are regarded as vessels of the presence of God. Devotion
The Evolution of Imagination A fascinating exploration of the imagination and improvisation in all creative activities. Imagination
Letting Go of Good A creative and worthwhile mapping of goodness. You
Holistic Islam Applying the beauty and wisdom of Sufism to the challenges of our time Transformation
Fearless Dialogues A presentation of a process for bringing together people to create positive change. Justice
In Search of a Prophet A pilgrimage into the spiritual journey of a Renaissance man. Imagination
The Reunited States of America An incredibly timely and relevant vision of democracy. Connections
Crafting Gratitude 40 projects to make thanksgiving a practice of both hands and heart. Gratitude
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