"If you are always thinking about time, you'll never have enough time," quips Scott Shaw, a teacher of cosmic consciousness. In this short and snappy Zen gem, he shows how obsessed we are in the West with clocks, watches, calendars, and schedules. Time passes and we miss the magic of the moment by either focusing on regrets ("What's gone is gone. It can never return. Lamenting will never bring about anything but unhappiness.") or on expectations ("The only time you feel cheated is when you expect something.").

Think about all the occasions you hurried through one thing to get to another. This is not time well spent according to Shaw. "Experience each moment as completely as possible," he recommends. Once you stop trying to control time, you'll be free to make the most of it. "If you have nowhere to be and nothing to prove, there is no need to time yourself." Right. Zen O'clock is filled with succulent thoughts and observations on emotions, death, desire, perfection, and Zazen.