"God works in moments" is the old French saying Kathy Coffey uses as the prelude to this down-to-earth and refreshing book on prayer. For the author, our relationship to God can be expressed in a variety of ways. In fact, prayer styles differ according to people's temperaments. A skier gliding down a slope, a cook in the kitchen, a husband holding the hand of his wife, a mother nursing her child, a social worker comforting a lonely person — all of these are "being prayers."

Coffey believes that our devotional life transcends tried-and-true formulas. Prayer is "an attitude of sensitivity and openness to God." Whether you think of this responsiveness as a balancing act or as an anchor in your life, the point is that it opens you up to seeing the sacred all around you. Or as Coffey puts it: "Some prayerful moments are as dramatic as bounding across a stage; others as humble as laundry. The common denominator is the spirit of the creator stirring within the person and the human response to that voice." Throughout the book, the author presents questions for reflection and "prayer prompts" — spurs to making each day spiritually rich.