Jonathan Collins is the Executive Director of the Ojai Institute, a study and retreat center located in the California town where Krishnamurti lived part of his 65-year life. The author has gathered 17 stories from various friends and acquaintances to illustrate the truth that Spirit is active in the everyday lives of people. At one point, Collins notes: "What if every drop of rain, every tear, every loss, every heartache, every disappointment, every failure, every betrayal, every disease — and all things beautiful and uplifting too — what if everything contained an urgent message?"

The value of this New Age work is that Collins tries to discern meaning from the life stories that he hears in local coffeehouses and cafes. Among those who share their experiences with him are a woman suffering from chronic illness, a healer, a spa goddess, a harp player, a psychic, a wife grieving for her husband, and a talented pianist and singer. There are miracles, mysteries, and epiphanies taking place in your community too — all you have to do is open your heart and listen to the stories of others.