"We can find God's small mercies in the mundane conversations we share at the kitchen table or in the unexpected chats we have with strangers. When we encourage a coworker, support a friend, or receive the care of a loved one, God's mercies shine brightly, like votive candles," writes Nancy Jo Sullivan, an inspirational writer and speaker. Facing the second half of life at 55 years of age, she sees signs of God's presence and grace all around her. These essays are little gems of everyday spirituality.

Foremost in her heart and mind is Sarah, a daughter born with Down's syndrome who died at the age of 20. Two other children are away from home and her marriage ended 10 years ago. Feeling the strain of an empty nest, Sullivan's spirits are lifted when her sisters visit; by their presence they ease her pain and give her hope. When grief and loss gather forces, it always helps to count one's blessings and the small pleasures of life. Sullivan savors date cookies, smoothies, teddy bears, and her daughter's graduation from college. In one of our favorite passages in this paperback, she states:

"God is our ultimate security system. Unlike an alarm that can lose its power or a dog that can be distracted, the Lord keeps a constant vigil over our lives."