Haemin Sunim is one of the most popular Zen Buddhist teachers and writers in Korea. He leap-frogged to fame when his advice column for the Korean Ties led to his reign as a social media self-help guru. He has 1.21 million followers on Twitter (@haeminsunim) and 440,000 on Facebook.

This book, which taps into the practical wisdom of Buddhism and psychology, has sold over 3 million copies; it was the #1 bestseller for 41 weeks in Korea. It is divided into eight sections: Rest, Mindfulness, Passion, Relationships, Love, Life, The Future, and Spirituality, plus an epilogue on Your Original Face.

Sunim has a gift for speaking to the troubles, traumas, and toxins of urban dwellers. Be sure to savor his cogent essays about work, getting ahead, trying to change a bad situation, having love in your heart, learning from your mistakes, and patting yourself on the back for working so hard.

Sunim reveals that he takes seriously the yearning we all have for change and personal transformation. For instance:

"Things I liked when I was young but now couldn't care less about:
Airplane rides, all-you-can-eat buffets, horror movies, staying up all night.
Things I enjoy now that I am older:
Mozart, brown rice, meditation, spending time alone, regular exercise.
We change without realizing it. We are in the midst of change even now."

Although Sunin has his own blend of Eastern and Western wisdom, he sees spiritual teachers everywhere:

"A large boulder is an example to us
of how to stay true and not to waver
even when waves of praise or criticism rush over us."

"The toll of a bell is heard far and wide only when the
bell is struck hard.
Your influence won't spread far without the sacrifice of
hard work.
the world notices your efforts more quickly
than you think."

The ample wisdom on these pages is best shared with others. All will also enjoy the simple and colorful artwork by Youngcheol Lee.