Kathy Gottberg is a writer, public speaker, and broadcaster who also teaches and facilitates self-awareness workshops. She is a minister of an independent spiritual community in California. In this paperback in the Findhorn series, Gottberg outlines the ten markers of what she calls "practical spirituality": authenticity, wholeness, awake and aware, harmonious, equivalence, lighthearted and optimistic, always growing and evolving, accountable, generosity and service, fearlessness. Many of these qualities are the cornerstones of New Thought, an American religion that has developed in the last 100 years.

There are chapters here on Monday morning spirituality, money, relationships, the body, mother earth, and community. In the section on spiritual practices, Gottberg shares some perspectives, rituals, and exercises that can give your life more meaning. Among them are pray or meditate regularly. Surround yourself with positive input and eliminate the negative. Get in touch with your inner guidance. Practice kindness. Get comfortable with paradox. And look for the good. This down-to-earth approach to spirituality will appeal to those who have had enough of traditional religion and are looking for something more flexible and oriented to the present moment.