New Releases

Unbelievable Ways of reshaping and renewing twenty-first century Christianity
Being Black A Zen teacher's perspective on Buddhist teachings, including how to be…
Creation and the Cross Theologian Elizabeth Johnson hears the planet knocking on the door and…
Radical Love Terse and wondrous poems from the mystical Islamic path
The Art of the Wasted Day A good case for daydreaming, reverie, and solitude.
Midwives of an Unnamed Future A spiritually rich collection of mini-retreats for women seeking trans…
Spiritual Places A beautifully illustrated tour of the spiritual significance of sites …
Everyday Gratitude A daybook with quotes and questions to help you discover the blessings…
The Little Book of Christian Mysticism A profound little book with nuggets of wisdom from Christian mystics a…
Grateful A celebration of the spiritual practice of gratitude as a heart opener…

Children's Books

Walking in the City with Jane A biography about the urban activist who had a great impact on the nei…
Hidden City A beautifully illustrated collection of poems pointing out how much na…
The 99 Names of God A beautiful book appropriate for people of all faiths with definitions…
Herodotus the Hedgehog Charming picture book about a hedgehog who becomes curious about what …

Our Philosophy

When reading exercises your faith, fires your imagination, stirs your soul, and expands your circle of compassion, it is a spiritual practice. Frederic and Mary Ann share some specific ways they deepen their reading experiences.

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