New Releases

The Gifted Generation An edifying history lesson on when and why the U.S. government worked.
Fault Lines A cogent and rip-roaring account of the recent history of a divided Am…
Behold, America A well-argued examination of some of the darker sides of American raci…
The Hell of Good Intentions A depressing report on the short-sightedness of the American foreign p…
Leadership in Turbulent Times A guide to the character qualities of a transformational leader.
Walking Each Other Home Teachings for reflection on death, dying, fear, and letting go of atta…
Robert Bly - Collected Poems An enlightening collection by a poet-philosopher.
Grieving -- The Sacred Art A sensitive treatment of conscious grieving.
A Monk's Guide to a Clean House and Mind A masterful Buddhist guidebook on the spiritual benefits of cleaning y…
A Call for Revolution A challenge to this generation of youth to care for the earth and deve…

Children's Books

Scout's Heaven Hard-to-answer questions from a Little Brother after the death of a fa…
Imagine The life story of the 51st U.S. Poet Laureate, inviting children to im…
The Keepers of Color A coloring book that takes you on a mythic journey into your own limit…
Angel in Beijing A luscious exploration of the streets of Beijing through the eyes of a…

Our Philosophy

When reading exercises your faith, fires your imagination, stirs your soul, and expands your circle of compassion, it is a spiritual practice. Frederic and Mary Ann share some specific ways they deepen their reading experiences.

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