In This Corner of the World A Japanese anime film about a young woman's daily life in a town near …
The Breadwinner An animated feature about a young girl who defies the Taliban in Afgha…
The Greatest Showman A satisfying musical movie celebrating the spiritual practice of inclu…
Downsizing A dramedy about an ordinary man given the choice to become a bodhisatt…
The Post The story behind The Washington Post's decision to publish the Pentago…
Call Me by Your Name An astonishing drama of sexual awakening that explores the exhilaratio…


Mark Felt: The Man Who Took Down the White House Drama about Deep Throat, the whistle-blower who wanted to save America…
Marshall A rousing courtroom drama about Thurgood Marshall as an ardent NAACP l…
Brad's Status An insightful dramedy about a man's midlife crisis propelled by compar…
Breathe Sober drama about a young man paralyzed with polio who discovers a new…
The Mountain Between Us Survival story that reveals how love and tenderness grow out of the vu…
Detroit A controversial portrait of racism and violence during the Detroit rio…

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How do you find spirituality in today’s films? How can you make watching a film into a spiritual experience? Frederic and Mary Ann share their trade secrets.

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