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The Last Tree A compelling coming-of-age drama about a Nigerian immigrant in London. You
Widow of Silence An ethically charged and mesmerizing movie about the unusual and yet predictable challenges faced by a half-widow in Kashmir. Silence
John Lewis: Good Trouble An inspiring documentary about a moral leader who modeled an ethic of love, nonviolence, and hope. Hope
The Truth A subtle exploration of art, artificiality, and complicated interpersonal dynamics. Love
The Assistant A sobering study of power, complicity, and the enduring violence of silence. Shadow
Welcome to Chechnya A gripping documentary about LGBTQ genocide and a brave band of human rights activists trying to rescue those affected. Shadow
House of Hummingbird A coming-of-age story filled with small moments of spiritual wisdom, including a practice for times of sadness. Transformation
Aviva A feast of moving images that bust through traditional binaries. Love
No Small Matter An eye-opening documentary about the great benefits of early childhood education for children and the society at large. Nurturing
Irresistible A thought-provoking drama that uses a mayoral campaign in Wisconsin to question the role of money and strategists in politics. Meaning
Da 5 Bloods A troubling portrait of the Vietnam war and its toxic impact on so many black soldiers who suffered there. Shadow
The Surrogate An ethically rich drama about the complicated choices involved in pregnancy and parenting. Love
Rebuilding Paradise Poignant documentary about how the California community nearly destroyed by fire bands together. Compassion
Runner A stirring documentary about an African refugee who becomes an Olympic marathoner. You
Sing Me a Song An exploration of the emotional undercurrents of the digital revolution in, of all places, a Buddhist monastery. Shadow
The Letter A potent and scary parable about the harm spread by those who see the world as an evil and demonic place. Shadow
Dads A light-hearted and breezy documentary celebrating stay-at-home fathers. Love
Mr. Jones A serious and sobering film about genocide in the Ukraine. Shadow
Jimmy Carter Rock & Roll President A rollicking documentary about the former president's love of music and hospitality to musicians. Peace
The King of Staten Island A dramedy about the surprising transformation of an irritating person. You
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