Film Reviews

The Greatest Showman A satisfying musical movie celebrating the spiritual practice of inclusiveness. Openness
Downsizing A dramedy about an ordinary man given the choice to become a bodhisattva. Kindness
The Post The story behind The Washington Post's decision to publish the Pentagon Papers exposing government lies. Openness
Call Me by Your Name An astonishing drama of sexual awakening that explores the exhilarations and anxieties that accompany first love. Love
Hostiles A western that depicts the miracle of turning away from a life of violence, hatred, and anger. Transformation
Darkest Hour A sturdy biopicture about Winston Churchill's triumphs and struggles as England's Prime Minister in 1940. Questing
Molly's Game A dramatic meditation on risk and what it takes to be a winner in the world of high-stakes poker. Transformation
The Tribes of Palos Verdes Story of a sensitive teenage girl who finds her passion and escape from family troubles in surfing. You
I, Tonya A wild and raucous biopicture about Tonya Harding who moves too fast on the thin ice of fame and falls. Shadow
The Shape of Water A sensuous film that is both a fairy tale and a socially relevant portrait of the prejudices afoot in our times. Love
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri A sturdy depiction of the grace that accompanies turning an enemy into a friend. Transformation
Lady Bird A dramedy that will appeal to all women who have experienced large doses of love and pain in their relationships with difficult mothers. Yearning
The Man Who Invented Christmas A tale that's sure to revive the variety of emotions which come alive within you during the Christmas season. Meaning
Mudbound A tale of two families that reveals the malevolent growth of racism in the United States. Love
Wonder An extraordinarily sensitive drama that tutors us in the spiritual practices of wonder and kindness. Wonder
Murder on the Orient Express A detective story that questions easy distinctions between right and wrong. Questing
The Florida Project A vibrant portrait that shows us from a child's point of view how play and enthusiasm can be ways to survive poverty. Play
God's Own Country A gay love story that reveals the beauty of a landscape and acts of mercy. Love
Lucky The poignant story of the spiritual journey of a nonagenarian facing changes in his daily life. Questing
The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) A hard-hitting dramedy about the emotional fireworks set off by anger. Shadow
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