Choosing a Practice

The Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy Start with 37 key practices recognized by the world’s religions as markers of the spiritual life.
Spiritual Rx Prescriptions Find a practice based on your symptoms - what you want to enhance and what you want to balance.
Spiritual Practice Toolkit Scan a wide variety of practices, inspired by all the religious and spiritual traditions, to find a practical tool for what’s happening in your life.

Ways to Practice

Spiritual Practices for Everyday Life Our practice ideas for dealing with familiar emotions and common situations.
Naming the Days Rituals, practices, and activities to celebrate holidays, annual events, and special people.
Spiritual Literacy in Today's World Readings and spiritual practices to help you turn the challenges of our times into opportunities for reconciliation, peacemaking, and justice.

Our Philosophy

Practice is the heart and soul of the world’s religions, and it is also the distinguishing characteristic of today’s spirituality movements. Spiritual practices connect us with the Divine, our true selves, our neighbors, and the world. We invite you to discover the joys of practice and to feel welcome on the path.

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