Spiritual Resources for the COVID-19 Pandemic An index of resources posted each day on the Spirituality & Practice homepage — practices, readings, films, quotes, and more to help you navigate these times. Connections
Making a Vow Using the spiritual practice of making vows to affirm that you can do what's hard. Transformation
Teaching the Spiritual ABC's Ways to pass spiritual practices on to your children. Gratitude
Spiritual Literacy Film Series Short spiritual films to inspire and comfort you during the coronavirus pandemic. Beauty
E-Courses to Help during the Coronavirus Pandemic Resources for handling uncertainty and difficulties, staying healthy, and developing your contemplative practice. You
Spiritual Practices for the Coronavirus Pandemic Spiritual practices to disarm fear and uncertainty, use while taking preventative measures, handle social distancing and quarantine, be present with illness, and sustain hope. Nurturing
Learning through Uncertainty How to view difficulties and the unknown as opportunities. Teachers
Reflections on The Honest Bear A poetic chance to experience being supported by the Earth and her creatures. Reverence
28 Ways to Practice Thanks-giving A gratitude practice for every day from Nov. 1 to Thanksgiving. Gratitude
Winning Wings Allowing yourself to display a positive attitude even when you're anxious about flying. Peace
Movie Trailers as Springboards for Soulful Conversat… How short works of art in their own right that can evoke and inspire. Attention
Bearing Witness to Rape as a Weapon of War How two Nobel Peace Prize winners are raising awareness and helping us connect with and serve those who are suffering. Justice
A Blessing for Carl Thomas Dean A witty romp through existential questions with a wild wolf in beagle's clothing. Connections
Sacred Holding A method of cultivating compassion towards oneself which helps facilitate transformative conversations. Compassion
United in Prayer Day 2018 A Contemplative Outreach prayer vigil dedicated to healing violence. Peace
Composing a Peace Note A practice to bring healing and lucidity in moments of anger. Peace
Mini-Retreat - Spiritual Work on Simplicity A personal retreat on living freely, simply, and from the heart. Beauty
A Bouquet of Kindness Practices An array of exercises to cultivate lovingkindness. Kindness
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