Easter: Resurrection as a Spiritual Practice 37 ways (based on the Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy) to make resurrection — bringing to life, reb… Transformation
Calling All Fools - April Fool's Day The history of April Fool's Day plus ways to make your playtime on this day (or any day) spiritual t… Play
Birthday of Jane Goodall Observing the birthday of a UN Messenger of Peace who is considered to be the world's foremost exper… Reverence
Golden Rule Day A time to dethrone ourselves, put others first, and live in unity with all beings on the planet. Kindness
Birthday of Ram Dass Ways to celebrate the birthday of the Ram Dass, New Age pioneer and teacher of being present. Being Present
Birthday of Paul Robeson Remembering the multitalented African-American artist who took stands against racism and for black l… Justice
Teilhard de Chardin Day Quotations to ponder and a mantra to try from the writings of the French Jesuit theologian and visio… Vision
Birthday of Leonardo da Vinci Observing the birthday of the Italian polymath who epitomized the phrase "Renaissance Man." Imagination
Earth Day: 12 Spiritual Practices to Honor the Earth In observance of Earth Day we offer a set of practices you can do to honor the Earth over the next m… Unity
World Book Day UNESCO's World Book Day promotes reading, publishing, and copyright. Gratitude
Annual Sense of Smell Day A celebration of your amazing ability to smell Gratitude
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