Recent Quotes of the Day

Cathleen Rountree in The Writer's Mentor The geography of our own interior
Mahatma Gandhi in Gandhi The Man Devotion is wresting with death
David Steindl-Rast in The Book of Awakening Another name for God is surprise
Martin Buber in Christian Mysticism One should live with holiness
Thomas Moore in The Education of the Heart Turn our attention toward the heart
Mike Riddell in Godzone Lostness recalls your need for God
Parker J. Palmer in The Holy Intimacy of Strangers A hospitable space is alive with trust in good will
Jim Wallis in The Soul of Politics The whole system that inevitably produces the amorality we now suffer.
Thomas Keating in A Monk in the World Silence is God's language
Walt Whitman in Shadow Dance I am better than I thought
Michael Casey in Sacred Reading We gradually take on the task of being Christ's representative
Thomas Merton in The Thomas Merton Encyclopedia Giving ourselves to the world in service
Richard Elliott Friedman in The Hidden Face of God The task of humans is to restore the universe
Desmond Tutu in God Has A Dream Suffering can be transformed and redeemed
Stephen Mitchell in Meetings with the Archangel Your whole body has turned into the smile
Saint Clement in Shadow Dance Knowing ourselves is knowing God
Rainer Maria Rilke in Living Strings Its meaning spreads through his blood
William Penn in The Doubleday Christian Quotation Collection Right is right, even if everyone is against it
Parker J. Palmer in The Active Life Just because something is impossible
John S. Dunne in The Music of Time A theatre of all things as they exist in the soul.
Beverly Lanzetta in Emerging Heart The changing the landscape of faith
Paul Brunton in Meditations for People in Crisis Somewhere at the hidden core of your being
Hamid in The Last Barrier This is the most exciting adventure possible
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