Preserving and protecting the waters of the world should not be seen as an obligation or chore but should spring forth as the natural result of personal awareness and appreciation of the role water plays in our lives every single day. The noted Indian teacher J. Krishnamurti stressed that the best form of meditation involves being choicelessly aware from moment to moment. We should become aware of water while we take our morning shower, drink a glass of it, flush the toilet, or do the laundry. We should be mindful of water whenever we use it, when we stand in awe of a spectacular fountain, quietly observe a river or stream, wade into the ocean surf, or take a walk in the rain without an umbrella. Over time, we create within ourselves a water consciousness that can have a powerful and lasting impact. Because each of us is a cell in the body of humanity, a transformation of consciousness by a relatively small group of people, can, over time, have a powerful impact on the world as a whole.

Nathaniel Altman, Sacred Water