Art Reviews

Wyeth: American Masters An engrossing documentary on the life and legacy of the very popular A…
Kusama: Infinity A celebration of resilience as a high note in the life and art of Yayo…
Painting Peace A Zen artist and poet's testimonies on peace.
Leaning Into the Wind: Andy Goldsworthy Another creative documentary adventure with the environmental artist.
Loving Vincent A creative animated feature exploring the mysterious death of Vincent …


Affirmation of Beauty The wisdom and wonder of art historian and religious sister Wendy Beckett.
George Caleb Bingham's Election Series Three paintings depicting scenes of the American political process.
We are Not Vampires As we journey through life, it's the moments and relationships that count. If we were vampires, says…
Songs about the American Experience Music from folk and gospel to reggae and rock that reveals the potential and challenges of American …
Seeking Joy in the Jungle Dancing and declaring our way into love, despite the demons.

Our Philosophy

The arts, photography, and music express our spiritual yearnings. They call us to pay attention, give us experiences of beauty and reverence, and awaken our wonder. Much more than images and sounds, they are treasured companions on our spiritual journeys.

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