Arts Reviews

Janis: Little Girl Blue Documentary on the life and times of the talented but troubled blues singer. You
David Hockney: A Bigger Picture A remarkable documentary on England's most famous painter. Imagination
Alexander Calder An astonishing documentary that conveys the sculptor's ingenuity and boundless inventiveness. Play
Henri Matisse An edifying look at the life and artistic works of Henri Matisse. Imagination
Mandalas An adult coloring book for opening a doorway into the symbolic language of the soul. Play
The Spirituality of Art An evergreen work that will open minds, bodies and souls to the manifold meanings of human creativit… Imagination
Humans of New York Beautiful photography book that challenges us to listen to the stories of others and open our hearts… Meaning
Blessed by Light A beautiful celebration of the inward exploration and the outward expression of Divine Light. Devotion
The Book of Rounds A spiritually transformative collection of 21 songs sung as rounds. Grace
Theosony A musician's exploration of grace, listening, and silence in our aural relationship with God. Listening
The Essential Ravi Shankar A watershed collection of sitar music by the pioneer who introduced Indian music to the West. Devotion
Listening to Stone A very appealing biography of the gifted sculptor whose art reflects a global and reverent perspecti… Questing
The Best of the Sufi Choir An appealing mix of traditional choir music, Islamic chants. and other very melodic vocals. Devotion
Hearth Sounds A melodically rich medley of medieval chants, traditional Irish songs, and English language hymns. Reverence
Shakuhachi Sleep Music Good medicine for sleep-deprived people. Peace
Shamanic Visioning Music Drumming music for shamanic journeying Vision
Music of Unity and Peace Sung prayers recorded to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the ecumenical community. Devotion
Playing to the Gallery Clever, salty, and insightful observations on the art scene. Imagination
Painting Now A robust and substantive survey of contemporary painting on a global scale. Attention
The Essential Snatam Kaur A compilation of eight songs from this mesmerizing devotional singer. Devotion
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