Arts Reviews

Colliding Worlds Fascinating report on the creativity and enthusiasm afoot in the arenas where science and art are re… Meaning
The Day the Crayons Quit A clever and creative story about the rebellion of crayons who want more respect and consideration. Reverence
Heartland An astonishing collection of black-and-white photographs celebrating the Plains of the United States… Attention
Effortless Beauty A heartfelt guidebook to contemplative photography filled with attention, simplicity, stillness, and… Attention
How Artists See Jr. Board books of art for young children designed to draw out their natural sense of wonder Wonder
How Artists See A portable museum of art that engages the senses and stimulates the imagination. Imagination
Art as Therapy A radical reinterpretation of art that makes it more relevant to everyday life and the questions of … Imagination
Sister Wendy on the Art of Mary Spiritual insights by Sister Wendy Beckett on art focusing on Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Devotion
Sister Wendy on the Art of Saints Spiritual insights by Sister Wendy Beckett on 14 paintings of saints. Devotion
The Meditative Gardener Meditations and stunning photographs of gardens by a mindfulness meditation teacher. Beauty
The Path Toward Beauty An erudite survey of beauty in art through the ages. Beauty
Eyes of the Heart Insights and practices on photography as a Christian way of seeing. Attention
Crafting Calm 40 creative projects and practices for calm, comfort, contemplation, creation, and community. Imagination
Lumpito and the Painter from Spain A heart-warming story about a dachshund's dreams coming true when he meets a famous painter who chan… Love
Soul of Light The visionary art and poetry of a painter from Portugal whose theme is Light. Meaning
Music for the Mindful Brain A collection of six CDs of music and sounds to transform the mind and deepen meditation. Peace
Crystal Bowl Sound Healing A relaxing CD with five soothing suites of music created with crystal singing bowls. Peace
Bridge to Wonder An examination of the confluence of art, beauty, and wonder. Wonder
The Art of Faith A guide to Christian images and symbols in art that makes a history lesson into a playful adventure. Meaning
Grandma Rose's Magic A heart-warming children's story about a community showing its admiration for an elderly woman's tal… Kindness
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