Sandi Kimmel wears many hats in her life as a singer/songwriter, music healer, inspirational speaker, and interfaith minister. She believes that the melding of Spirit, song, and story are essential to an adventuresome spiritual journey. That is why Kimmel describes this collection of 15 songs as "musical affirmations — the wisdom of the ages set to songs. Songs to uplift. Songs to sing along. Songs to support the journey. Think of it as 'music you hear with your heart.' May yours be open and listening."

Kimmel begins with a high-energy and soul-stirring ballad "New Song." It's a paean to the power of hope, love, and transformation. It's the kind of song that you want to keep close to your heart when you feel drained and exhausted and at the end of your rope: "Listen closely with your inner ear / Love's vibration louder than the fear — / and the message is clear." Yes, we all need a surge of power to overcome the blahs and the blues.

In "For Goodness Sake," Kimmel salutes positive thinking and intentions propelled by a genuine concern for the well-being of all. The wisdom traditions talk about the importance of the breath and breathing. The singer/songwriter adds her own twists in "Breathe." Other gems which shine a light on various dimensions of the spiritual journey are "Love Is Light" (the practice of unity), "Ancestors & Angels" (teachers), "Women Are Weaving" (connections), and "My Nature" (you).

Almost every song in this collection is melodic, and what a gift that is! John Guth is to be commended as a very talented and creative producer and musician who is responsible for the tasty arrangements of guitar, piano, bass, and percussion. The backup singers bring even more spice and joy to the proceedings.