Here on six CDs you will find music for the healing of mind, body, and soul from six professionals in the field of using sound for enhanced well-being. On "Music for Brainwave Massage," Dr. Jeffrey Thompson uses a therapeutic audio technique designed to have sounds awaken deep levels of the subconscious mind. David Ison's "Relax" works on the body in such a way as to slow down your breathing pattern. "Music for Healing Mind, Body & Spirit" by Steven Halpern aims at fostering a more balanced state of wellness through soothing sounds. Dr. Joseph Nagler's "Music for Regeneration" is designed to give you "a one-hour vacation." Silvia Nakkach's "Inside" provides a spur to sound healing sessions, yoga, and bodywork. Life in Balance's "Crystal Bowl Meditation" sets out to create a refreshing sonic environment for meditation, healing, and personal transformation.

Open your heart and spirit to these sounds and you will definitely feel transported to a blissful state of being!