Jim Kalin, an artist who also who teaches Fine Arts at UBC Okanagan (Canada), and Lois Huey-Heck, a publisher and spiritual director, believe that art is a transporter of the sacred. They agree with Sir Kenneth Clark who wrote: "Art … must do something more than give pleasure: it should relate to our own life so as to increase our energy of spirit."

Creative souls who express themselves through paintings and sculpture help us take a fresh look at the ordinary and see it as filled with light and beauty. They enable us to appreciate and get in sync with the seasons. They encourage us to open our imaginative capacities so we can explore the variety and bounty of the human adventure.

Through stories, images, and commentary, Kalin and Huey-Heck revel in the transformative power of the arts. There are visually stimulating and spiritually uplifting chapters on art as a thin place, as sacerdos, as healer, as a spur to conscience, as a celebration of the seasons of life, as a reflection of community, and as an example of the dance of life.

Kalin and Huey-Heck respect the different mediums of art including stone painting, photography, print-making, and found objects installations. The Spirituality of Art is an evergreen work that will open minds, bodies and souls to the manifold meanings of human creativity.