Process Musings A blog that finds the heart of spiritual wisdom in the nooks and crannies of everyday life. December 12: "W" Is for Wonder View All Blog Posts
KidSpirit Youth Voices This blog features articles published in KidSpirit Magazine by contributors from across the religious spectrum. December 9: Through the Eyes of Hope View All Blog Posts
Spiritual Literacy The Spiritual Literacy Blog is our attempt to read the book of the world as revealed through articles and images available on the Internet. October 16: Slime Endures View All Blog Posts
Praying the News In this blog we pray in a variety of forms as we lift up the needs of the world. September 5: Praying for Our Part in Preserving the Amazon Rainforest View All Blog Posts
A Commonplace Book An annotated anthology of favorite items collected by Frederic Brussat. August 15: Paying Attention, Prayer Flags, and Relaxing Yourself View All Blog Posts
The Ritual Space A space for sharing about rituals and how we can bring them more fully into our daily lives. January 3: Return of the Light View All Blog Posts
Civility & Spirituality

Frederic applies civility practices to a major problem of our times: the self-centered, pushy, combative, and insensitive ego.

March 16: Civility Brushed Aside View All Blog Posts
Body Spirituality This blog explores spiritually literate views of the body through some of Frederic Brussat's personal experiences and favorite spiritual practices. April 13: This Old Heart of Mine View All Blog Posts
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