New Year's is my favorite holiday. It's a day to do rituals, count blessings, and set intentions. Here's a favorite poem for today.

Nothing Is Ever Lost

Always there is a beginning —

a new day,
a new month,
a new season,
a new year.

Forever the old passes away

and newness emerges
from the richness that was.

Nothing is ever lost
in the many changes
time brings.

What was, in some way,

will be,
though changed in form.

Know this:
This moment is a beginning;
and your lives,

individually and together,
are full of richness, of freshness,
of hope and of promise.

— Edward Searl in We Pledge Our Hearts

In 2019, we begin the New Year with this uplifting assurance that the Holy One is present all around us and inside us — transforming our lives and advancing the universe with our energy.

The many changes that are just around the corner are all good since they come from the Great Mystery.

Searl also counsels us to see and accept that "nothing is ever lost." We are the beneficiaries even when obstacles block the way for us. With peace of heart and mind, we can experience setbacks and disappointments not a hinderances but as spiritual teachers.

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