In his blog on, Miles Kimball advocates that we take care of children other than our own. This, we think, is what civility is about. It is a natural impulse to do all we can for our own kids but to stop there is to steal the future from other vulnerable children all over the world.

Kimball describes what economists call "altruistic links," which happen when we help others. They result in people working to make the world a fairer and more benevolent place. He challenges us to find ways to get involved and suggests that one place is your favorite charity or non-profit.

Selfishness and me-first-itis permeates all aspects of our private and public culture. Finding ways to curb and tame the possessive ego – that prioritizes my child or a child you know over everyone else's child, is something we all need to work on regularly through the spiritual practices of love and kindness. We need to be making and holding sacred spaces to nurture and support this generation of children.

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