Posted by KidSpirit Online on February 12, 2020

By Uday Schultz for KidSpirit's Fear and Anxiety Issue.

We are the generation of stress. Generation Z, the Post-Millenials, Gen Tech, the young people of today — we are, more than seemingly ever before, dissatisfied and worried by our realities.

Since a low in 2007, the 15-24 cohort suicide rate has risen by almost 50 percent. This finding fits with a generation which reports poor mental health as the state of the majority, symptoms of anxiety to be almost universally present, and mass violence a major concern. Our generation was to grow up empowered by technology and a changing, globalizing society, but that picture has darkened; we are destroying ourselves with our minds.

Every generation has faced stress. . . .

Posted by KidSpirit Online on January 20, 2020

By Emilija Krysén for KidSpirit's Education issue.

Our cultural upbringing shapes the narratives we tell and greatly influences our views of the world.

Growing up as a third culture kid, I often struggled with this part of my identity. A third culture kid is someone who has never lived in the places that they come from. For context, my mother comes from Lithuania and my father comes from Sweden. We lived in Russia for seven and a half years before moving to Switzerland, where we have resided since.

The countries I’m from and the places I’ve lived . . .

Posted by KidSpirit Online on December 22, 2019

By Abraham Weitzman for Kidspirit's Storytelling and Narative Issue.

I have one grandparent, my Papa Dan. He tells my family stories all the time.

Most of his stories come from his decades of working construction in New York City. He worked on bridges and in tunnels. He worked on schools and hospitals. He put the lights on top of the Citicorp building. My Papa worked everywhere. He tells us about these experiences because the stories are entertaining. They also teach us about the kind of person he is, and the kind of people we should be.

Stories connect us with family history. . . .

Posted by KidSpirit Online on December 9, 2019

By Steffany Melgarejo for KidSpirit's Society and the Individual Issue

Everyone has different experiences and stories, and therefore a very different perspective on life.

Observing the daily routine of people in my community, I can see a great variety of people: some in a hurry or worried, others enjoying life, and some whose eyes radiate happiness or transmit a great sadness. However, I think that there is something that unites many of us in Paraguay, regardless of the situation, age, type of person, or other external factors: religion.

In Paraguay, the Catholic religion is an integral part of our culture. . . .

Posted by KidSpirit Online on November 26, 2019

By Sofia Mesh for KidSpirit's Society and the Individual Issue.

My first day of Hebrew school was very eventful, to say the least.

I begged my father not to take me because I had heard horror stories from my sister, who had been in Hebrew school for two years already. She told me about the packets and packets of Hebrew writing and reading I would have to do. More work, I thought; third grade was already stressful enough! My dad dragged me into school/temple by the wrist while tears streamed down my face. I thought the tears might persuade him to take me home, but to no avail. We went to the sixth floor, down a long hall, and into room three. The tantrum I threw beforehand meant I got to Hebrew school 45 minutes late and missed all the packet work, but I was in time for the hour-long Judaic Studies session with my teacher, Sara.

Although at the time I didn't look forward to going to Hebrew school, . . .

Posted by KidSpirit Online on November 8, 2019

By Abdullah Sayed for KidSpirit's Education issue.

Though I live in the middle of the multicultural metropolis of the world, Queens, I find it hard to imagine that any of my non-Muslim friends are truly familiar with the faith to which I attribute so much of my personal development.

I do not blame any of them, though. How can I? In the 21st century, Islamic radicalism is the bogeyman that captivates the public’s imagination. As such, it seems every mention of Islam in the public space that is not Islamophobic is instead about how Islam is a religion of peace. Well-intentioned though they may be, everyone is so concerned about disassociating Islam from violence that no one actually knows what Islam is about. Americans should not just identify Islam as a religion of peace, but also as a doctrine of humility and discipline.

Five times a day, hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world

Posted by KidSpirit Online on October 22, 2019

By Lucy Liversidge for KidSpirit's Reality and Perception Issue.

Suddenly, it is Sunday night. Forty-eight hours of respite dwindle to a few more minutes. Deep breath in through my mouth. Hold it. And out through my nose. Once more.

The smell of burning sage, carried in wisps about the room . . .

Posted by KidSpirit Online on October 4, 2019

By Samantha Singh for KidSpirit's Society and the Individual Issue.

Peace. It’s an unusual word in this bizzare time. Some say it means that war is not present, but this word has more depth than just that meager definition.

It's true that without war we can gain peace, but war is inevitable unless we take steps to prevent it.

Posted by KidSpirit Online on September 26, 2019

By Hannah Schuett for KidSpirit's Reality and Perception Issue.

In my culturally diverse family, I am exposed to many different customs in my day-to-day life, which has made me appreciate diverse cultures and traditions.

Whenever I am at my father’s house, we celebrate Jewish holidays . . .

Posted by KidSpirit Online on September 6, 2019

By Will Hodgkinson for KidSpirit's Heritage Issue.

A shimmering pool of knowledge;
Scintillating wisdom —
foraged from 85 fecund years

From pasting together the fragile balsa strips


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