January, 2011. Australia is experiencing the worst flooding in decades, affecting an area of the state of Queensland the size of Germany and France. Towns have been turned into islands amidst muddy lakes that were once farmlands. The state's coal industry has been shut down. On January 11, the flood waters reached Brisbane, the third largest city in the country, affecting thousands of homes and yards. As the video from Toowoomba shows, rivers of water carried cars away, eventually depositing them in piles.

And so we pray this news:

Creator God,
We pray for all those in farms, small towns, and cities
in Australia whose lives have been disrupted
and whose dreams have been dashed
by the floods that have devastated the country.

We pray for those who have lost their homes,
their cars, their treasured possessions,
their crops, their animals, and their livelihoods.
It is a terrible thing to be homeless and helpless.
Be with and sustain those whose entire world
has been torn apart and washed away.
Assuage their fears and be patient with their anger.
Grant them patience and hope that eventually
they can rebuild their lives and start afresh.

We are grateful to the emergency flood workers
and all those who were heroes in helping those
in distress during the floods.
May they continue their missions of mercy.

Be with those who are caring for flood victims
that their compassion and presence
will be life-sustaining.
May they continue their missions of mercy.

We are thankful for those who serve others
and provide us all with the inspiration to do the same.
We are sending love, peace, strength, and courage
to all our brothers and sisters in Australia.
May this nightmare end shortly.
May healing begin swiftly.


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