God of All Nations, we pray that you will send your healing balm to those who have been the victims of religion-related violence, mob prejudice, harassment over attire, or other religion-related abuse.

REPORT: Pew Research reports that hostility and violence surrounding religion is at a six-year high and is a serious global issue. A third of the 198 countries and territories in the study had high religious hostilities in 2012. The sharpest increase was in the Middle East and North Africa. There also was a significant increase in religious hostilities in the Asia-Pacific region, where China edged into the "high" category for the first time. (pewforum.org)

Morning Star, shine brightly on all religions that seek to practice love, kindness, compassion, and justice. Let us all do what we can to advance respect for people of all faiths so that we can work together in fashioning a better world.

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