The New York Times slideshow of photographs from Paris

On Friday night, November 13, terrorists killed 128 people and injured 180 others in gun and bomb attacks in Paris, France. The victims were attending a concert, watching a sporting match, or eating in a restaurant. The day before, 41 people were killed and more than 200 were injured by two suicide bombers on a busy shopping street in Beirut, Lebanon.

The Islamic State later claimed responsibility for both attacks. Muslims around the world condemned this despicable act as not being representative of their religion.

And so we pray this news ...

“The perpetrators of the Beirut and Paris attacks have invited us to join them in their cycle of hatred, fear, power-seeking and violence.

“Let us respond with love and kindness, purposefully today making the world around us a better, more just and compassionate place.

“And for those of us who share a faith, let us make sure it is one that binds the wounds of the brokenhearted, not one that breaks the hearts. Amen."

— Prayer posted by Sharon Linnea on Facebook

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