Book Reviews

ABC Mindful Me A multifaith boardbook full of poetry as well as practicality. Being Present
Meeting Trees An introduction, through a father-son walk, to some of the most common species in a climax hardwood forest. Attention
Joy A heartwarming story about giving a loved one a whoosh of joy. Joy
The Crocodile and the Dentist A funny book about mutual fears that helps children face their reluctance to go to the dentist. You
Bee Still A chance for children to pause in meditative quiet along with Bentley the bee. Being Present
Peaceful Fights for Equal Rights An alphabet book of big, bold ways to make positive changes in the world. Justice
When God Gave Us Words An imaginative tale about God's desire to give people language even when angels objected. Meaning
Love Simple ways for children to understand, express, and receive this most essential quality. Love
Just Breathe A children's guide to a healthier, happier life through meditation and mindfulness practice. Being Present
I Need a Hug A humorous and heartwarming tale about a porcupine no one wants to hug. Openness
A Stone for Sascha A centuries-long biography of a meteorite that brings cosmic perspective to a young girl's grief. Transformation
Lulu is a Rhinoceros A winsome story about a bulldog who cannot seem to convince others of her true identity. You
A Prayer for the Animals A blessing that helps young children identify with and care for all creatures of the earth, air, and seas. Compassion
Spiritual Guides Portraits of four spiritual exemplars who insist on the need for radical change of heart. Teachers
Creating a World Without Poverty A visionary work on shaking up the world with new social businesses. Vision
Faithful Practices A celebration of the zest, creativity, and resilience of everyday spirituality. Faith
Enlightenment Town A tour of a mecca for 25 religious centers in Crestone, Colorado. Hospitality
Pocket Dictionary of Christian Spirituality A handy pocket Dictionary running from Abandonment to Zion Devotion
Mapping Religion and Spirituality in a Postsecular W… Eleven essays on the sea changes that are transforming religion and spirituality. Devotion
Violence Twenty-eight glimpses of a culture drowning in a sea of violence. Peace
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