Recent Spiritual Readings of the Day

Leonard J. Biallas in Pilgrim Reflections on making time away from home holy — a holiday — and not just a chance to vacate.
Donald McCullough in The Wisdom of Pelicans Donald McCullough's reflection on grace amidst the consequences of having an affair.
Bradford Keeney, Hillary Keeney in Circular Therapeutics Hillary Keeney and Bradford Keeney on letting the heart sing.
Joyce Rupp in Little Pieces of Light A personal ritual for those dark times when you feel separate from God.
Donna Schaper in Grass Roots Gardening Donna Schaper on learning to be a gleaner for ourselves and others.
Peggy Rubin in To Be and How to Be Peggy Rubin on keeping your primary verb in the back of your mind at all times.
June Cotner in Dog Blessings A blessing for dogs by Rev. Phyllis Ann Min.
Stephen Levine in Animal Sutras A tribute to the presence of birds and their many gifts to humans.
Richard Rohr in Silent Compassion Richard Rohr on how the dualistic mind is constantly judging others and is at war with patience and humility.
John Philip Newell in A New Harmony John Philip Newell on living together in love as a pearl of great price.
Geri Larkin in The Still Point Dhammapada Geri Larkin on the spiritual practice of being present in inner city Detroit.
His Holiness The Dalai Lama in Violence & Compassion H.H. the Dalai Lama in conversation with Jean-Claude Carriere on overcoming our isolationist point of view.
Carolyn Whitney-Brown, Jean Vanier in Jean Vanier Jean Vanier (in a book edited by Carolyn Whitney-Brown) on the principles underlying forgiveness.
Harold S. Kushner in Living a Life That Matters Harold S. Kushner's on what revenge is and an alternative to it.
Evan Imber-Black, Janine Roberts in Rituals for Our Times Evan Imber-Black and Janine Roberts on the healing power of rituals.
Andrew M. Greeley, Mary Greeley Durkin in How to Save the Catholic Church Andrew Greeley and Mary Greeley Durkin on the relation between positive sexual encounters and divine love.
Henri J. M. Nouwen in Finding Our Sacred Center Henri Nouwen on making Jesus the center of his life.
Terry Bookman in A Soul's Journey Rabbi Terry Bookman on finding blessings when we attempt to change our lives around what God wants for us.
Gretel Ehrlich in Facing the Wave Gretel Ehrlich on seeing the lonely beauty in the wreckage caused by the tsumani in Japan.
Danah Zohar, Ian Marshall in SQ Danah Zohar and Dr. Ian Marshall on listening for our inner truth.
Marilyn McEntyre in Caring for Words in a Culture of Lies Marilyn Chandler McEntyre on the difference between hearing and listening.
John Dear, Mohandas K. Gandhi in Mohandas Gandhi Gandhi on the difficult art of nonviolence and the love that lies behind it.
Stan Goldberg in Leaning Into Sharp Points Stan Goldberg on why caregivers should allow chronically or terminally ill loved ones to set the pace for dependence on others.
Paul Brunton in The Gift of Grace Paul Brunton on grace as a manifestation of God's friendliness.
Michael Downey in Hope Begins Where Hope Begins Michael Downey's definitions of the practice of hope.
Robert Ellwood in Finding Deep Joy Robert Ellwood on experiencing deep joy.
Daniel Groody, Gustavo Gutierrez in Gustavo Gutierrez Gustavo Gutierrez on why solidarity with the poor is not optional for Christians.
John C. Haughey in A Biography of the Spirit John Haughey's realization that his appreciation of space-time requires the virtue of hospitality.
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