Prayer-Stole Meditation

"To get in closer touch with the loving energy of the Blessed Mother or Mary Magdalene, select or create a prayer stole. Perhaps you will choose an elegant one — of velvet, silk, or brocade — or a length of fabric in beautiful colors. Or, if you prefer, a simple dark blue, dark red, or white stole is appropriate. In front of a mirror, drape your stole over your head and shoulders. Select a comfortable chair near the altar you have created or in a darkened room and light a candle. You may choose to put on some very unobtrusive background music (without lyrics), or use a special fragrance to help establish the mood. Sit very quietly, breathing peacefully, waiting expectantly for the 'Lady' to be present to you. Soak in the gentle feminine energy that gradually surrounds and envelops you during this meditation. Try to allow fifteen or twenty minutes for this spiritual exercise. Take the time to record your impressions and any insights you receive in a journal kept for this special purpose."