"In the Catholic Church, holy oils are used in the celebration of some sacraments. During Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Orders, and the Anointing of the Sick, people are anointed ('made holy') with oil. Certain objects such as altars, chalices, and patens are also anointed with oil.

"There are three kinds of holy oil, called the 'Oil of Catechumens.' the 'Oil of the Sick,' and 'Holy Chrism.' The first two are made from olive oil. Holy Chrism is made from a mixture of olive oil and balsam. Balsam is a sweet-smelling liquid that comes from certain trees.

"In Catholic churches, the holy oils are kept in an ambry. The ambry is like a chest or cabinet and is usually located on a wall in the sanctuary. Some ambries have glass doors so we can see the holy oils inside. Holy oils are used to remind us that the people of God are called holy."

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