"During the life of Buddha, a very close-knit family suddenly lost a son who was already married. The neighbors came to express their condolences, thinking they would find the family mourning. They were surprised and shocked to discover that, far from being plunged into great suffering, they all seemed perfectly serene. The parents were going about their usual activities; the wife was coming back singing from the river where she had fetched water. The neighbors asked them why they were not grieving, and each replied in his or her own way, 'Knowing that everything is impermanent and that we are together in this family for a short time, we try to respect and love each other. We know that we will be separated sooner or later, and for the time given us to live together, we try to be good to each other and live in harmony. We never hurt him or did him any wrong during his life, nor did he us, so we have no regrets. We know that he is going his own way, according to his own karma. This is why we are still very happy and our mourning is peaceful.' "