"In criticizing a person you are shutting off the most wonderful truth: that person is God."

"Forget that anyone is bad, that anyone is inferior. You have to go beyond the person's behavior. The real person is God, peeping through the eyes. This is the highest ideal."

"Never think another person to be weak or imperfect. Behind his form lies the ever effulgent Being, the Strength of all strength, the Wisdom of all wisdom."

"Imagine God in the heart of all beings."

"Every single being that exists is an inexhaustible mine of beauty and love."

"Unless we see divinity in every being, we will never see unity in the world. Intelligence is that which sees unity among apparently separate things."

"You can have a true democratic spirit if you can really persuade yourself that everyone is divine."

"Behind what appears to you as a dull face, a bright face, or a vicious face is God alone. All these various pictures we see are but misreadings of the one truth, just tricks of the mind. Actually, everything is perfect."

"Everything brings the message of God; from everywhere comes the touch of my Beloved."