"There is an authentic spiritual impulse at the heart of our branding economy. We use brands to do identity work for us, finally, out of a desire to be recognized by others, by a power greater than ourselves; and the desire to recognize and know others, to commune with others under a power greater than ourselves. And in this recognizing and being recognized, we experience that greater power that draws us inward and outward.

"And so our brand economy discloses a task for spiritual maturity: knowing and being known by ourselves and others, without being governed by entitlement regarding who we are or what we buy.

"We can't do without 'stuff.' There is nothing wrong with buying, nothing wrong with the existence of brands. In order to turn the spiritual corner before us, we will need to integrate who we are with what we buy. To realize that we each have some freedom to accept God's gifting us with life, by becoming someone who stewards more life for others. In that work, God's gift of life becomes more believable to others, and awareness of and responsible relationship to God spreads through our use of our resources, through consciousness about those affected by our purchases.

"We live out our relation to our ultimate meaning through what and how we buy. Let the integration of faith and economy be the mark of the true spiritual seeker today, a consuming faith.”