"Moshkel Gosha means in Persian literally 'the remover of obstacles,' and the story is about allowing the transpersonal, or spiritual dimension to enter our lives, and so to bring about a process of transformation. However, this story suggests that this dimension, this wealth which lies within us, is not so easy to recognize, nor do we necessarily know how to put it to its proper use. 'Moshkel Gosha' also concerns the danger of inflation, a danger which is always present when working with the transpersonal, particularly if the individual does not have sufficient humility. Thus, 'Moshkel Gosha' is a story which touches on some of the most important issues that relate to experiencing and integrating the potential that the inner world has to offer. Moreover, the story of Moshkel Gosha is not just about what happens to one bush-digger and his daughter, but it is the story of anyone who receives help from within, whether through dreams, meditation, or any other way by which the transpersonal is able to enter into our lives. One woman, after hearing the story of Moshkel Gosha, was very moved, but felt she didn't really understand its message. The next morning she heard a voice telling her to go to a small chapel nearby. At first she didn't listen to the voice, but then she went to the chapel and found that it was full of vermillion light. She thought, 'This light can't be for me.' In that moment the light vanished, and then she understood the story of Moshkel Gosha.

"In its essence, 'Moshkel Gosha' is the story of our own, individual relationship with the inner world. And because we are living at a time when there is great need to realize the healing power that lies within us, this story should not be forgotten, for, in the words of Moshkel Gosha, when it is told, 'the people who are in real need will be able to find their way.' "