True or False Quiz

1. Mary Magdalene is honored as a saint in some Christian traditions.

2. Mary Magdalene is the most frequently mentioned woman among Jesus' followers.

3. The woman caught in adultery and the Samaritan woman at the well were, and still are, thought by many to be Mary Magdalene.

4. The Beloved Disciple, John, depicted in Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper, has recently been suggested to be Mary Magdalene.

5. A courtesan is a fancy, high-class prostitute, and Mary Magdalene was probably neither.

6. Mary Magdalene appears in the Gospels as benefactor, demoniac, myrrhbearer, and witness of the crucifixion, entombment, and resurrection.

7. John is the only Gospel that has Mary Magdalene encountering Jesus in the garden outside the tomb, and is the only Gospel to give her any dialogue.

8. Although Mary Magdalene has been associated with the seven deadly sins, it is lust that she has most often been associated with.

9. From the earliest pagan writings against Christianity to skeptical arguments of today, Mary Magdalene's sanity has been questioned as a result of her resurrection testimony.

10. Gnostic texts, including the Gospel of Mary, seem to present a lot of tension between Peter and Mary Magdalene.

11. Mary Magdalene had visions that were related to the soul and its place in the eternal realm.

12. Nothing in the Gnostic texts says Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married; there are only some interesting clues about them having a close relationship.

Mary Magdalene was Jesus' favorite disciple, and he loved her more than the rest.

14. Many people look to Mary Magdalene as an example of women's leadership in Christianity.

15. The greatest challenge to restoring Mary Magdalene's good name is overcoming the myth of her sinful pre-Jesus life.

16. One of the solutions for the problems of prostitution was the creation of asylums for Mary Magdalene, where women who were believed to have used their sexuality incorrectly were incarcerated.

17. Small groups throughout the United States have begun to incorporate Mary Magdalene into their religious observations.

Answers: All the statements are true.