"Aflaki also tells the story of one day when some scholars of Konya got into an argument about their different views on grammar, philosophy, astronomy, and religion. After hours of fruitless discussion, they agreed to write down the most difficult questions and to submit them to the Master Rumi.

"They found him reading on the side of the road that goes to the Sultan's palace. Immediately, and without looking at what was written on the sheets of paper, Rumi asked for a bottle of ink and a feather and, unhesitatingly, wrote down the most accurate answers to each question. The answers were delivered to the Tribunal of the wise men, who were amazed at their accuracy.

"The scholars went in procession to thank Rumi, who declared: 'This great grace streams from Heaven, and not from the terrestrial world. It comes from joy and from the Stars, and not from the strength of any of our arms.' "

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