A Woman's Creed

I believe in God who brooded over the waters,
Who brought forth creation in beauty and harmony,

I believe in God active in my land,
Bringing order and peace from chaos and destruction,

I believe in Jesus, who was conceived in the womb of
A simple village girl, making her burst into song,

I believe in Jesus, who allowed himself to be touched by
A bleeding woman, marveling at her faith,

I believe in Jesus, surrounded with women,
Who appeared to Mary on that first Easter morning,

I believe in the Holy Spirit, the woman in God,
Active deep in our land, strengthening women and all life,

I believe in the Holy Spirit present everywhere,
Binding all in love and renewing all creation,

I believe in the Holy Spirit active in every person,
Calling us out of our passivity to a fuller life.

— Malini Devananda
Colombo, Sri Lanka


For All Women: A Litany

For all women in our community, nation and world;
we pray to you, Lord God.

For all oppressed women;
grant them strength
to strive for equality, freedom and justice.

Lord in your mercy
Hear our prayer.

For all women suffering abuse;
grant them full autonomy of body and mind.
Give every woman a healthy sense of self-worth
and confidence that does not cease.

Lord in your mercy
Hear our prayer.

Grant every woman infinite opportunity
in religious and secular life.
Give her means to ascend to new heights and to break new ground.
Let her pathway be filled with peace and dignity.

Lord in your mercy
Hear our prayer.

We remember those women who came before us.
We prepare for those we have yet to know.
Let our prayers be an inspiration to them,
now and forever.


— Stacy Carmody
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States