A Prayer for Renewal

In this unfamiliar land, 0 God,
Grant me the courage to move forward, allowing hope to be my companion.
Clear my vision and guide my steps along this new path.
When I am tempted to call myself a victim,
remind me that I am so much more,
and encourage me to embrace all of who I am.
When my heart claims that it is unlovable,
allow me to hear instead that I am imperfect
yet also made in your image, unique, and loved.
When I want to demonize others,
remind me of your regard for all people,
and cultivate respect in my heart.
When I swerve toward fearful isolation or hasty rebound,
lead me back to healthy community and grace-full solitude.
When I embrace judgmentalism,
pry my heart open and guide me toward forgiveness.
If I sink into bitterness,
let gratitude and your love buoy me to the surface.
Let your light shine in me, 0 God, as I walk this path.
May my hands, heart, and eyes be open,
and may I be a sign for others of love and of hope.