• "Sorrowing hearts are always unsettled."

• "Forgiveness is an act of the heart."
Forgiveness is written in Chinese with the word for act or compliance above the symbol for the heart.

• "Put your heart at rest."
This means to stop worrying.

• "Wishes of mind and heart are as hard to control as a horse and an ape."
This means that one's mental and emotional wishes are in conflict, pulling in two separate directions.

• "A calm heart adjusts to many changes."

• "To accommodate all things, enlarge your heart."
A generous heart knows no bounds.

• "Music cheers the heart and warms the disposition."

• "A kind person's mouth is found in the heart."
A compassionate person will speak through thoughtful acts rather than just saying the right things to impress others.

• "Good heart, good reward."
A just heart has its own reward.

• "We can find no wealth above a healthy body and a happy heart."

• "Use with a small heart."
Means to use something with caution or to handle something fragile with extreme care.

• "The worst prison is one made of the heart."
One who cannot or will not permit oneself to love or forgive is one's own jailer.