"And the last secret is that everything is One.

The beginning was seeing for even one moment
That there was something more to reality
Than meets the eye.
The end is seeing for even one moment
That the apparent multiplicity
Is in reality a unity.

That this moment is all there is.
That this everything is one and therefore nothing.
That something came from nothing
And that at this moment everything will
Return to nothing.

That coursing through the veins of the
Universe at this moment is a kind of
Light in which man and the Holy One are
Yearning to be one.
Hear O' Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One.

At night when you lie down,
In the morning when you get up,
When you go for a walk,
When you stay home,
The whisper is always the same —
'The Lord is One.'

Both opposing sides merge forming one One.
And that that very yearning
And that that simple awareness
Will make them One.
The Lord will be One and His Name One."