"Traits: Cat symbolizes harmony, timing, and exploration of the unknown. Cat is very confident and curious. It isn't afraid to venture into strange territory to find what it seeks. Cat can rotate its ears 180 degrees and has keen hearing. Cat developed its meow to communicate with humans. It can make more than a hundred different sounds. While cat has exceptional eyesight, it can't see directly beneath its nose. Cat spends most of its day sleeping and grooming. This means that you're not afraid to go after what you want, even if it means going somewhere you've never been before. You have expert timing, hearing, and sight but you can become so absorbed in yourself that you can't see what's right in front of you. You love adventure and seek thrills. Your appearance is important to you and you go out of your way to make sure you look fantastic.

"Talents: Adaptable, adventurous, attracts others, beauty, cleanliness, clever, communication, courageous, curious, dexterity, dignity, excellent timing, exploration of the unknown, graceful, healing, independent, intelligence, intuitive, lands on feet, magical, mysterious, patient, perceptive, selective, self-assured, self-reliant, social, watchful, wise.

"Challenges: Antisocial, easily bored, finicky, lazy, loner, restless, secretive, vanity

"Element(s): Earth

"Primary Color(s): Black, brown, gray, orange, white, various mixed colors and patterns.

"Appearances: When cat appears, it means you need to be patient, stay quiet, and just observe what is happening around you. Timing is important to cat. It will wait until just the right time to attack its prey or make a move. It doesn't expend energy until it's needed. This means to wait before taking action to ensure you're in the best possible position to obtain your goal. You're an excellent communicator who is independent and likes time alone but is also comfortable being part of a group. You enjoy being flexible and harmonious in your relationships with others. Sometimes you can be too unpredictable, only heeding your own instincts without regard to others. While you'll always land on your feet, others around you may not, and will need your assistance to get back on track.

"Assists When: You need to find what is hidden in the dark. Cats are mystical creatures that can see in the dark and will enlighten you on the path of self-discovery. Its curiosity helps you look at your spirituality, intuition, personal motivations, or emotions and discover ways you can grow. As you learn, you will accept what feels right and bypass what doesn't seem to fit. When you're ready, you'll circle back around and may find that what didn't fit before makes sense to you now. Cat is secretive and can help you keep things under wraps. It can help you get out of sticky situations by finding ingenious ways to slink around obstacles. Cat encourages you to get enough sleep, take care of your appearance and most importantly, find time to play.

"Frequency: Cat energy is warm, cuddly, and sharp. It slinks around you. It feels soft and moves slowly, wrapping you in its magical mystery. It can sting, sharp and sudden, like a claw scraping against your skin. It sounds like a soft, low rumble vibrating all around you but can hiss and growl."