Book Reviews

It Feels Good to Be Yourself An engaging, helpful introduction to varied gender expressions. You
Consuming Passions A superb glimpse of the far-reaching and immersive nature of consumer society. Meaning
Patriotism and the American Land A bold reframing of patriotism and taking care of the good earth. Reverence
Erosion A collection of essays about losses in land, home, self, the body, and the body politic. Reverence
You Are Never Alone A joyously loving book about the myriad of natural connections that support and sustain us. Connections
The Forgotten Americans A politically astute assessment of the plight of those left behind in America due to economic inequality. Meaning
Big Breath Endearing watercolor illustrations and gentle instructions for breathing in spaciousness and light. Being Present
What We Talk about When We Talk about Books Reassurance that whatever the medium, immersion in a world of words will survive. You
The Bodies in Person A quest to find out more about the civilian casualties in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Shadow
A Place for Us Advocacy for a revitalization of America's civil society. Meaning
Find Your Mantra A handy spur to your devotional life. You
Everyday Politics A cogent, enlightening, and bold vision of democracy that transcends partisan politics and business-as-usual. Connections
Bodyfulness A practical guide toembracing the body's wisdom. Nurturing
Fallout A dramatic and poignant examination of the birth of the Nuclear Age. Shadow
Who Do We Choose to Be? Top-drawer resources for transformational leaders. Transformation
Plants that Speak, Souls that Sing Recommendations for communing and communicating with the green kingdom. Transformation
Slavery's Long Shadow A sobering examination of lingering racial hatred and violence. Shadow
I'll Ask You Three Times, Are You Ok? Another fine example of Nye's special gift for accentuating everyday spirituality. Connections
The Character of Virtue A sturdy look at the virtues contributing to the art of living well. Faith
Twenty-Five Words Toward the Truth Short but sweet poems that touch the heart. Love
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