Book Reviews

Breathing as Spiritual Practice Instructions for a breathing practice that can be adapted by people of all spiritual traditions. Questing
The Book of Ichigo Ichie A top-drawer resource on a Japanese practice for being present in every moment and opportunity. Being Present
Kintsugi A helpful reframing of pain and suffering using spiritual practices to repair and rebuild lives. Transformation
Living a Loved Life Plentiful examples of how stories can be carriers of insight and wisdom in our lives. You
Four Men Shaking Sparks of wisdom from the author's literary friends and his Zen master. Imagination
A Living Gospel Profiles of exemplary Christians who immersed themselves in the human adventure. Faith
One Blade of Grass A memoir by a young seeker on the Zen path. You
Triggers A tour de force resource on how to respond rather than react to triggers of all types. Transformation
Animal Sutras A wise and wonderful celebration of animals. Teachers
Losing Reality An analysis of the far-reaching effects of leaders who lust after control of others. Shadow
Stay Curious A sturdy and substantive vision of curiosity and wonder. Wonder
The Art of Is An inspiring case for improvisation in daily life with plenty of great examples. Imagination
The Tao of Ordinariness An exploration of the many values and virtues in ordinariness. You
The Flowing Grace of Now A year-long spiritual journey with a wide variety of teachers. Teachers
Saving Animals from Ourselves Serving, saving and reverencing animals. Reverence
The Karma of Cats Spiritual teachers on their appreciation of cats' roles in their lives. Reverence
Energize Brings energy front-and-center. Nurturing
Great Love in Little Ways A sweet little book that will immerse you in kindness. Kindness
The Way of Heart & Beauty An impressive collection of Taoist wisdom drenched in mystery. Beauty
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