Book Reviews

Deep Hope A wonderful reading and interpretation of the Buddhist paramitas. Connections
American Nightmare A sobering analysis of where the United States is being led by the Trump Administration. Meaning
Unteachable Lessons A generous probing of stages of the spiritual journey from a deeply personal perspective. X-The Mystery
Science and Spiritual Practices A biologist's adventures making connections between science and religion. Questing
Meister Eckhart's Book of Secrets Samples from Meister Eckhart's writings on the marvelous and manifold mysteries of the Holy One. Love
The Violence of Organized Forgetting The rise of a new authoritarianism in America Imagination
American Radicals Highly recommended celebration of marginal heroes in American history. Justice
We Are the Weather Startling statistics and facts that make the case for more imagination in confronting the climate crisis. Imagination
365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World An incredibly diverse and helpful compendium of blessings that lift up justice. Connections
The Galapagos Islands A spiritual writer's transformation during a visit to the famous islands. Questing
Welcoming the Unwelcome A wise and practical guide to developing a heart and mind open to all experiences. Openness
Consuming Passions A superb glimpse of the far-reaching and immersive nature of consumer society. Meaning
Patriotism and the American Land A bold reframing of patriotism and taking care of the good earth. Reverence
Erosion A collection of essays about losses in land, home, self, the body, and the body politic. Reverence
The Forgotten Americans A politically astute assessment of the plight of those left behind in America due to economic inequality. Meaning
What We Talk about When We Talk about Books Reassurance that whatever the medium, immersion in a world of words will survive. You
The Bodies in Person A quest to find out more about the civilian casualties in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Shadow
A Place for Us Advocacy for a revitalization of America's civil society. Meaning
Find Your Mantra A handy spur to your devotional life. You
Everyday Politics A cogent, enlightening, and bold vision of democracy that transcends partisan politics and business-as-usual. Connections
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