For more than 15 years, Barbara Schermer has been conducting experiments in taking the astrological chart off the page and into movement, encounter, drama, dance, and the arts. She writes: "With metaphor, music, myth, spiritual practice, and dramatic and artistic expression we can move into a more direct contact with the planetary energies, and in so doing, we rediscover the depths of ourselves."

Schermer identifies the Renaissance philosopher Marsilio Ficino as the first experiential astrologer. She also has been edified by the works of Carl Jung, Dane Rudhyar, Thomas Moore, Jacob Moreno, and the human potential movement. This innovative paperback spins out creative ways to use astrology as an artistic and expressive form of theater, as a context for therapeutic healing, as a teaching tool, and as a resource for self-study, contemplation, and ritual.

Schermer is convinced that experiential astrology can assist us in the development of our intuitive, imaginative right brain. To set this process in motion, she lists musical selections linked to the particular energy of each planet and films that illustrate each astrological symbol. Astrology Alive will open up new doors of meaning and pleasure for you.