Columba Stewart is a Benedictine monk who teaches Monastic Studies at St. John's University in Collegeville, Minnesota. In this paperback, he examines the Rule of St. Benedict that has provided structure and meaning for those trying to live a disciplined life organized around mindfulness of the presence of God. The author is convinced that this ancient tradition offers worthwhile practices for contemporary Christians.

One is to heed Benedict's advice: "Keep death daily before your eyes." Another is to find a spiritual friend with whom you can share your innermost feelings and thoughts in trust. We can also benefit from the principle of sanctifying and marking time so that the hours of the day are orchestrated by attentiveness to the Divine. Stewart concludes: "Benedict's most fundamental insight in the Rule is that we seek God through ordinary means. God is already here, in and among us, if only we can learn to see Christ and hear his voice in those with whom we live." Prayer and Community is part of the Orbis Traditions of Christian Spirituality Series edited by Philip Sheldrake.